Jamie’s Farm

We are fortunate to have been working on some very exciting projects that continue into 2019. Take a closer look below…



 Jamie’s Farm, Offham


A listed farmhouse renovated to accommodate children, teenagers and staff at this beautiful 16th-century farmhouse. We have installed a new heating system, electrical overhaul, complete refurbishment, complete L1 rated fire system and replacement joiner made windows. We also discovered and refurbished a hidden turn-of-the-century fireplace, much to the owner’s delight. All whilst representing the original features to the house in line with conservation rules.
We’ve also converted 2 offices into fresh and ergonomic houses. This work comprised of soundproofing, complete insulation overhaul, new kitchens, bathrooms, roof lights, new windows, doors and general full refurbishments including beautiful oak flooring. In collaboration with BBM Sustainable Design. 


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